Service to the University

Dr. Kiki Patsch serves the CI community/ESRM as follows:

  • CSU GIS Specialty Center Board Member and ArcGIS/ESRI Software Administrator
  • UC GIS delegate
  • Student technical writing and service learning coordinator advisor
  • Moorpark College Transfer Student Working Group
  • DSC Hiring Committee (x4)
  • Faculty Senate
  • Committee on Centers and Institutes (2016-2018; 2017-2018: co-chair)
  • Technology Committee (2017-2019)
  • Transfer Student Orientation
  • Development of classes for ESRM Professional Masters in Coastal Sustainability
  • Maker's Space Committee
  • New Faculty Orientation Panel (2017)
  • Accessibility Committee (2017-2018)
  • New Faculty Library Services Panel (2017)
  • Library Advisory Committee (2018-2019)
  • Business and Continuity Planning Task Force  (2018-2020)

Service to the Community

Dr. Kiki Patsch serves the coastal research and local community as follows: 

  • Reviewer for the Journal of Coastal Research and Shore and Beach
  • Development of The Nearshore Current, a blog dedicated to sandshed science bringing awareness of coastal resilience related topics to the local and regional community
  • American Shore and Beach Preservations Association (ASBPA) member
  • Coastal Education and Research Foundation (CERF) member
  • American Geophysical Union (AGU) Virtual Poster Judge (x2)
  • Adolescent/STEM mentor 
  • Conservation Mechatronics demonstrations for k-12 students
  • GeoMentor through AAG to bring geospatial science to k-12 education
  • Creation of the Beach Sustainability Project Working Group with representation from the Coastal Conservancy, Coastal Commission, US Army Corps of Engineers, BEACON, Surfrider, CSU Long Beach, UCLA, UCSC, San Francisco State, and the Nature Conservancy. 
  • Media contributions: Radio- El Nino; Television- Hurricane Matthew
  • SeaGrant citizen science Beach Monitoring advisor
  • Collaborations with the Matilija Coalition and Surfrider
  • Beach Ecology Coalition
  • Channel Islands Regional GIS Collaborative (CIRGIS)
  • Drone Educator's Conference

Service Learning

Dr. Kiki Patsch incorporates service learning as follows:

  • ESRM 100: Introduction to ESRM- Human's impact on the environment and the environment's impact on humans
    • Required service hours to the community through community partners including Surfrider, Santa Monica Mountains Trail Council, Mountains Restoration Trust, Wishtoyo Foundation, Ventura Department of Public Works, and Channel Island National Park
  • ESRM 328: Introduction to GIS
    • GIS project benefiting Channel Islands National Park
      • Photo-point vegetations monitoring using citizen scientists
      • Sea cliff erosion hotspots along Becher's Bay, Santa Rosa Island
      • GIS database of meaningful places of reflection on Santa Rosa Islands
  • ESRM 210: Physical Oceanography
    • Sea Grant: Citizen Science Beach Monitoring Protocol- Adopt a Beach
  • ESRM 335: The Beach

ESRM 100: Service Learning Video 2016

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