The Beach


The Beach is an interdisciplinary course that explores the sociocultural importance of sandy beaches in southern California and analyzes the interaction of natural and human systems in the coastal zone. The course explores the physical and biological aspects of California’s beaches, examines anthropogenic stressors on the ecosystem, integrates diverse perspectives on California’s beach culture including and society, and focuses on issues pertaining to coastal development and sustainability.GenEd: B2, D, UDIGE


The Beach Blog

Deep Water/New Life

Three CSUCI students from ESRM 335 collaborated with, an ocean stewardship non-profit, to create a giant bioluminescent jellyfish sculpture. The group was awarded a grant from the Getty Museum to make the sculpture entirely from plastic water bottles for the annual College Night event. They collected water bottles from hundreds of college students, adding them to the jellyfish’s tentacles throughout the evening event. This interactive approach was designed to connect participants to the deep-reaching impacts single-use plastics have on the marine environment. As a result of conversations with CSUCI students, is launching a new initiative to help large art museums shift away from using single-use plastics at their events and in their cafeterias.



Emma Akmakdjian (Art Department)

Sarah Parker (ESRMI)

Allison Prather (Socialogy)

 Ethan Estess, Artist

English and ESRM collaborate with Arts Under the Stars to bring you "Obituary to the Beach"

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