Intermediate GIS


Intermediate GIS is a three-hour lecture and three-hour of laboratory course per week. Prerequisites: ESRM 328- Introduction to GIS. This class continues the study of concepts and techniques of geographic information systems, with special emphasis on environmental issues at multiple spatial scales. Includes an introduction to ArcPro, StoryMap, ArcCollector, Survey123, spatial statistics, remote sensing, and LiDAR data.


Example Story Map Projects

Spring 2022

Sun, Sand, and Safe Water: Exploring Maui's Beach Water Quality: Jake Argabright, Isabelle Gomez, Megan McBee

Using Citizen Science to Monitor Vegetation Changes on Santa Rosa Island: Benjamin Bynder and Sebastian Alvarez

Marine Debris Program: Trends and Accumulation Rates (Santa Rosa Island Research Station): Adriana Stovall, Aurora Rugerio, Alexander Guzman

Ventura Land Trust: Potential Acquisition Sites: Brooke Lutz, Renee Giragosian, and Steel Woodberry

San Luis Obispo Arroyo Grande Lagoon, Beach Landscape Change over Time: Andrew Hirahara, Lindsay Cook, Viviana Celaya

Sand Dollar Potential Habitats: Oscar Ochoa

Spring 2020

Birding Trails

CI's Sustainable Future

CI's Sustainability (2)

Sea of Clouds: Long Beach

Sea of Clouds: Bay Street Historic District

Spring 2019

Tanya Saxena and Mikayla McCulloh. Sustainability at CSU Channel Islands.

Cassandra Rogers and Alyssa Connaughton. The Global Rise of Illegal Sand Mining. Research for Kiki Patsch.

Emma Carlborg and Zachary Kinman. Storymap: The Woolsey Fire and The Lyon's Pentachaeta. Mountains Restoration Trust.

Alexandra Lafayette and Nicholas Cooper. A Trail Guide for Mountains Restoration Trust.

Ralph Diego and Tara Fey. Trash Assessment for California State University Channel Islands.

Avarie Hager and Ryan O'Sullivan. Parking at CSUCI. Parking at CSU Channel Islands.

Emily Shephard and Paulena Lam. Chumash Place Names.

Madison Dederick and Eric Schwarz. Sea Level Rise: Oceanside, California, and the United States.

Leonel Martinez Vallin and Carly Simon. Ventura County Birding Trails. Audubon Society and Cynthia Hartley.

Philip Patino and Raul Perez. The Summer CSUCI SURF Program: A Snowy Plover & California Least Tern Story. Research provided by Cynthia Hartley.

Thomas Woods and Ruben Sanchez-Ramirez. Coastal Armoring in California. Research provided by Dr. Kiki Patsch.

Spring 2018

Beach Management

Central Coast Birding Trail

Raptors not Rodenticides

Rindge Dam Removal Project

Matilija Dam Removal

Surfers’ Point Managed Retreat Project


Ventura Land Trust: Willoughby Preserve Restoration

Spring 2017

Hildago, Emily. (2017). The Verity’s Liveforever: Analyzing Suitable Habitat and Identifying Recreational Threats in the Western Santa Monica Mountains.

Van Heerden, V., Coty, A., and Morris, S. (2017). How to Manage a Sinking Island.

Barton, R., and Hennigan, K. (2017). Geospatial Analysis of the San Joaquin Kit Fox.

Palasik, S., Moore, A., Arbogast, M. (2017). CSU Channel Islands Phenology Project.

Shepherd, A., Barron, K., and Pascal, M. (2017). CSU Channel Islands Road Kill

Swann, F., Ceja, A., Domingo, M. (2017. Long Grade Creek Restoration.

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