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The Sandshed is the lab run by Dr. Kiki Patsch, assistant professor of Environmental Science and Resource Management at California State University Channel Islands. Dr. Patsch is developing student-centered classes and research projects targeted at understanding the physical and interdisciplinary processes shaping the coastal zone and developing science to inform coastal resilience decisions.

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The Nearshore Current

Blog posts from Dr. Patsch, students, and individuals involved in sandshed science.

What is the littoral cut-off diameter?

Very fine-grained sand, ranging from 0.0625 to 0.125 mm in diameter (4ø to 3ø), typically doesn’t remain on the exposed (dry) portions of most California beaches due to the high-energy wave environment. An investigation of littoral transport processes and beach sand in northern Monterey Bay (Hicks, 1985), discovered that there is a littoral cut-off diameter,

Aug 07, 2017 Admin

What is Littoral Drift?

Researchers have learned that sand is in constant motion along California’s coastline, and only resides “temporarily” on an individual beach. An alongshore or littoral current is developed parallel to the coast as the result of waves breaking at an angle to the shoreline. This current and the turbulence of the breaking waves, which serves to

Aug 07, 2017 Admin

What is a Sandshed?

Sandsheds form the framework for our understanding of the sources, sinks, transport, and storage of sand along the coast in conjunction with the processes and factors shaping the economic, recreational and ecological health of beaches. Similar to a watershed which delineates the boundary of land draining into a particular river, a sandshed physically encompasses the

Jul 22, 2017 Admin

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